Mrs Alexsandra Covek

NSW State Director - National All Styles


NSW State Director

Mrs Alexsandra Covek

Mobile: 0401 286 687

Personal Details

  • Hometown: Sydney
  • Country: Australia
  • Style Practiced: Shotokan Karate, Kick Boxing and Okinawan Weaponry
  • Rank: 4th Dan


  • Successfully competed in NAS at State and National level.
  • Successfully competed at International Level in the USA 2007 and 2009.
  • USA World Champion 2009 in Kata, Kumite and Creative weaponry
  • Founder and Chief Instructor- Tora Martial Arts Centre 2006.
  • Received a Government Sports Achievement Award from Rod Kemp and Chris Bowen in 2006
  • Australian Day Sports Achievement Award from Fairfield City Council 2008 and 2009


Shihan Alexsandra Covek has studied Martial Arts for over 25 years. She currently holds a Sandan (4th Dan) rank in Tora Shintai Karate Do Shotokan Karate and JKA. A Nidan (2nd Dan) rank in Ryu Kon Kai Kobudo and Kobu Ryu Kobudo. Sensei Alexsandra is the owner and founder of Tora Shintai Karate-Do and the NSW President of JKA-WF Australia.

Shihan Alexsandra holds a Bachelors Degree in Primary Education.

Shihan Alexsandra’s goal is to: teach the true art of Karate, where one opens their mind and sets it free from all the violence and trouble on the outside to find peace and happiness within the soul of learning and teaching Karate-do.

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