Victoria - Round 1
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Grand Prix, Easter coming up, Gradings being held in clubs and school holidays around the corner and we still had over 160 competitors line up to compete in what is going to be an exciting year for the NAS Victoria. Even the weather played its part in giving a wonderful day for those who are regular and to those who were first time competitors in this round.

After being welcomed by Mr Jim Casey; President and CEO of the NAS, the competition began in earnest. For the first time in a long time, the NAS welcomed back the addition of the event; Creative Extreme Forms. This exciting division will allow those who learn the Extreme Martial Arts to come forward and show off the skills of Flips, Kicks and exciting moves done to music. We look forward to having many junior competitors in this event.

Of course the bigger events of the day went to the 8 – 9 yrs. male and female Forms and Sparring. These little warriors give of their heart while on the mat and the sportsmanship shown is a positive to those watching with their heart in their mouth. In the 10th – 6th Kyu we saw Ave Perry-Pivac (Ultimate Martial Arts) take 1st place with, Sienna Nasra (Lion Heart MMA) in 2nd and Liana Sacco (Zanshin Free Style) taking 3rd. Well done ladies it is a pleasure to see you compete.     

Forms 12-13yrs is a hotly contested event and this round showed the same determination given as was seen in 2018. The 5th – Black belt results were hotly chased and we witnessed Leah McCoy (KokoroKai Goju) take 1st from Nicholas Sacco (Zanshin Shotokan) in 2nd and Mackenze Thackray (Bendigo Kempo Karate) in 3rd place. This is one division to watch as these youngsters give their all in each round.
Sparring is where we see the competition heat up and round 1 certainly didn't let us down.

The male Continuous 12 – 14 Open was hotly chased and yielded a first place for Justin Robertson (MACE Academy) with Caleb MacLean (Ultimate Martial Arts) in 2nd and Nicholas Bird ( FX Fitness Taekwondo) chasing them with 3rd place. Another division to watch for champions to come from. The girls also showed tremendous spirit with the Continuous 15 – 17 yrs. Going to Tara Slender (Bendigo Kempo Karate) in 1st place and Emily Mullen (GKR Karate) in 2nd. This division while small in this round will show strength in the coming rounds with more competitors able to attend.

Of course the Adult divisions are always thrilling and we saw many of these events being hotly contested. The Black Belt women's Open Sparring division was a highlight and with Cynthia Weggelaar (Shiryodo Karate) taking 1st place, Jillian Cole (Funakoshi Karate) in 2nd and Aniko Besley from GKR taking 3rd place, we can see already that the Nationals in Melbourne at the end of the year are going to be a great competition for these women.

Being in the Veteran division doesn't mean age has a play when we see the Male Point Sparring division being fought at a terrific pace. This round saw Say Khor (GKR) taking the 1st place with hot on his heels, Nick Spanu (GKR) taking 2nd and Harry Parharidis (MACE Academy) chasing them with 3rd. This is going to be another division worth watching towards the Nationals.

Of course the NAS would not be able to run without the help of the many volunteer Referees, Table Officials and other helpers who give of their day to ensure a smooth run of the rounds. We are always looking for extra help on the day and with training to do the table officiating or the refereeing, we humbly ask of YOU the parents, students or Instructors to think seriously of giving us a hand on the day. Its loads of fun, you meet new people who are all there for the same reason and it also leads to a fast well run day. Many parents who find the day to be long as they wait for their child's division, can find the day to be more interesting when they are helping rather than just siting. We ask for you to contact us by email if you are able to give a couple of hours on the day of the competition and we shall be in-touch to set up some training.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Round 2.


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