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Gold Coast

Extreme NAS Championship 

After 30 years the NAS ALL STYLES is still among one of the biggest and most professional tournaments in Australia with tournament circuits in most capital states of Australia. The 2018 National All Styles championship on the Gold Coast provided an outstanding arena of spectacular kicking, lighting fast punches and spectacular demonstrations.  With over 90 different martial art styles and 350 martial artists attending, ages ranging from 4years through to 70 years assured this weekend would be a great success

The NAS is the only tournament circuit where competitors have to qualify throughout the year for invitation to this prestigious event.  With tournament circuits in every capital city of Australia as well as a number of regional areas and with over 5000 competitors annually as well as the vast number of different martial art organisations competing in the NAS such as Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Silat, Hapkido, Tai Chi to name just a few is a statement of the popularity and success of the NAS circuit.

Official welcome and bow-in;

Competitors and Spectators started to arrive at Carrara indoor sports stadium, Gold Coast for two days of non-stop action.  As the Officials, competitors, coaches & staff from all states entered the stadium they were entertained by the tune of “My Island Home” and the live performance of two digeridoo performers, our sincerest thanks to John Houston and Bob Russo. Quite an emotional opening ceremony!

As each State lined up for the official bow-in, the NAS President/CEO Mr James Casey welcomed all attending also thanked all major sponsors for their support for the weekend’s championship, also welcoming long-time friend/mentor Hanshi Tino Ceberano as special guest to open 2018 NAS Championships

Special thanks must also go to the tireless effort from all the helpers, staff, Instructors for their support and help in making this weekend’s championship such a great success … we sincerely thank each and every one of you!

Competitor’s oath was read by Mrs Pania Williams and Mrs Nicki Hodkinson on behalf of all attending competitors. Officials Oath was read by Mr Ian (Aussie) Pape who has been involved with the NAS competition for the past 18 years


FORMS – juniors through to veterans – All 6 rings in full swing with fierce competition, up first was forms competition with each competitor out to be Australia’s best.  The pee wees division was one of the biggest events of the day, with a stunning array of young talent.  Stand out performances among the tiny titans and eventual winners Fan-Ao Kong - Inter Wushu Academy (QLD) coming in first place with Alexandra Heaton - Renbukan (QLD) takes out second, in third place Peter Thermos - Winged Dragon M/A (VIC).  12-13 year old 5th kyu to black belt had huge numbers of competitors which really put the pressure on referees and the judges due to some outstanding performances.  In the end Caitlin Bunny - One Martial Arts (NSW) was crowned 2018 national champion with a polished performance, Vanderlei Kemp - Kimikai Karate (VIC) coming in second, third place going to Rachel Taylor - RMAA Shotokan (QLD).  14 to 15 years (5 Kyu to black belt) was another division hotly contested; the tension was obvious with pre-nerves, prior to stepping onto the mat making it difficult to select the eventual winner. Amy Trotman - Active Zendo Do Kai (ACT) was near floorless in her performance to take out first place, runner-up Nick Wingman - Munen Muso M/A (NSW) in third place Alec Webster - KenshinKan (QLD).   Male novice division had finished and Daniel Vella - Seigokan Australia (NSW) let everyone know that he will be a force to reckon with in the future as he took out first place, runner up was a proud Adrian Perry - Ultimate Martial Arts (VIC) third going to Jeff Sansom - Bonsai Karate (QLD). Veteran’s forms division was also well represented with excellent displays of strength and intensity from all attending.  Female division saw N-J Price – Brisbane Kung Fu (QLD) take home first place to runner up Phyllis Kwok – Brisbane Kung Fu (QLD) third place Jillian Cole – Camperdown Funakoshi (VIC). In the male divisions Jason King – Brisbane Kung Fu (QLD) a very experienced NAS competitor for many years gave a polished performance to take out first place, runner up Steve Dare - IGK (QLD) third place Scott Hampson – Seishin Ryu Karate (QLD).

FORM FINALS - Male and female open black belt had the best in this country lining up for this event, you cold feel the tension as they all lined up to qualify.  Senior black belts are required to perform two separate forms during these finals.  As each competitor demonstrated their form you could see and feel the tension and frustration, this was obvious with competitors of this calibre losing balance also going blank during their performance.  Finals of the female’s division went to Pania Williams - KenshinKan (QLD, runner up Brooke Busuttil, Ultimate Martial Arts (VIC) third place going to Phyllis Kwok – Brisbane Kung Fu (QLD).  Male finals: Jason King – Brisbane Kung Fu (QLD) took out first place, runner up Dann Luker - Renbukan (QLD) in third place Bevan Bell - Seishin Ryu Karate (QLD)

Creative Weaponry Extreme, Demonstrations, Traditional Weaponry & Synchronised Team Forms

Classy demonstrations were the order of the day, spectators were treated to some excellent performances from various styles, routines included everything from self-defense, acrobatic maneuvers, comical scenarios and inspirational weapons demonstrations.

Junior synchronised team forms were taken out by Team Seishin-Ryu Karate (QLD), in second place was Team Munen Muso M/A (NSW) third place going to Team Northern Goju Karate (VIC). Senior synchronised team forms saw a mixed team come first Team Seishin-Ryu Karate (QLD), in second place Team Bonsai Karate (QLD), in third place Team Campertown Funakoshi (VIC). Junior Demonstration had Hope Kemp – Kemikai Karate (VIC) take home first place.  Senior Demonstration saw Henry Wilson – Gisborne Mixed M/A take home first place, second place went to Garry Bogg – Gisborne Mixed M/A. Extreme Creative Weaponry 0-12yrs:  first place Benjamin Boucher-Thompson – BBMA (NSW), second place Alsen Wong – Southern Shaolin Wushu in third place Digby Langdon – Success M/A (QLD). Extreme Creative Weaponry Senior:  Was well contended for and in the end Henry Wilson – Gisborne M/A (VIC) took home first place, second place going to Connor Hextell – Munen Muso M/A (NSW) and in third place Phyllis Kwok – Brisbane Kung Fu (QLD). Creative Weaponry Extreme 13-17yrs taking first place Nick Wangmann – Munen Muso M/A (NSW). Traditional Weaponry 0-12yrs, had a great array of styles, however there could only be 3 winners, in first place Alsen Wong – Southern Shaolin Wushu (QLD), second place Jakeb Gibbons – JMAMA (QLD), in third place Luka Simonovic – Tao Kung Fu (NSW). Traditional Weaponry 13-17yrs taking first place Rachel Taylor - RMAA Shotokan (QLD), second place Jackson Wiltshire - RMAA Shotokan (QLD). Third place going to Celeste Dias-Mariani – Tora Martial Arts (NSW).  Traditional Weaponry Senior, first place went to Simon Hall – Gisborne Mixed M/A (VIC), second place going to Jason King – Brisbane Kung Fu (QLD) and in third place Clayton Hiller - JMAMA (QLD)


The pace picked up with the continuous sparring, always an exciting division to watch. The continuous sparring is very similar to kick boxing but with out the unrestrained contact.  The competitors use all kinds of techniques including leg kicking and it surely made for some very explosive fighting.  Results 7 to 9 years M/F finals first place Marley Fawcett – Munen Muso/Chikara (NSW) runner up Charlee Clegg – Centre of Martial Arts (QLD).  15 to 17year female finals had Michaela Soner – RMAA (QLD) take home first place with Hope Kemp – Kemikai Karate (VIC) with Katrina Conroy – Camperdown Funakoshi Karate (VIC) in third place.  Other standouts on the day were from the male advance division, was a trifecta result for RMAA Shotokan (QLD) as first place going to Joshua Wiltshire, second place went to Christopher McNeilly and third going to Damien Prins.  Female Advanced finals was taken out by a spirited Nicki Hodkinson – KenshinKan (QLD) runner-up Sian Fawcett – Munen Muso/Chikara (NSW) in third place Jasvanti Lala – RMAA Shotokan (QLD)

STATE v’s STATE Challenge; These divisions are a favourite for competitors and their family members.  As If the crowd weren’t already heightened with excitement from the day they certainly turned it up a notch for the State v’s State teams.  Getting into the competitive spirit supporters, clapped, cheered and shouted (and very loudly I might add). Team Queensland ruled the day taking out the male and female state shields, congratulations must also go to all other participating teams who gave a spirited performance.  You all did your State very proud. For results refer to TOURAMENT RESULTS - Below



Point Sparring Events

Well if day one (Saturday) was anything to go by the competitors returned to Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium knowing they were in for another day of explosive competition. Point sparring always have our referees and judges on their toes … no time to relax from Saturday’s bumper day of competition. 

The bouts began with victories galore and as much as it would be great to mention every division, however I am only able to mention a hand full and begin with the Pee Wee 7 years and under, this being one of the most popular divisions in the NAS, with mum’s, dad’s and coaches just as fiery as these little pockets of dynamites.  Final’s was taken out by Marley Fawcett – Munen Muso/Chikara (NSW) out scoring his opponent Adamrinjarni – Tam Taekwondo (NSW). In ring three the 8 to 9 year (5th to Black belt) was a fiery match with Xavier Chy - MACE (VIC) going toe to toe right to the bell with Corben Martin - Renbukan (QLD), Xavier defeating Corben in a thrilling point- for- point battle.  In ring four the 10 to 11 (10th – 6th Kyu) final was taken out by Peas Kemp – Kemikai Karate (VIC) who outscored his opponent Victoria Knijff – RMAA Shotokan (QLD). 

As the rings became available, we had 12 to 13 (5th Kyu to Black Belt) male division up second in ring three where Tung Huynh – Seishin Ryu (QLD) powered his way to the top to take the title against Jackson Bownas – KenshinKan (QLD).  Over on ring four 14 to 15 (10th to 6th Kyu) female final, Michaela Soner – RMAA Shotokan (QLD) was relentless in her defence, but in the dying moments of the match Tara Slender – Kenpo Karate (VIC) scored with a reverse punch to the head, securing victory. 

The adrenaline continued through to the Male Veterans finals with competitors receiving cautions from their referee to control their contact.  As each bout bought the division to the final two and after a marathon effort and inspired performance from Eduardo Novembre – Proactive Team F/S (VIC) who used the ring to his advantage out scoring his opponent Steve Dare - IGK (QLD) to take the National title

Black belt weight division finals:

The big guns of the NAS circuit took to the mats; winners progressed to the finals and the opportunity to be crowned 2018 champion of champion.  Female light weight division saw Voephong Roczniak - GKR (VIC) defeat Jillian Cole - Camperdown Funakoshi Karate (VIC).  Female welter weight saw Barbara Wood – Bonsai Karate (QLD) defeat Aniko Besley, GKR (VIC).  Female middle weight finals saw Brooke Busuttil – Ultimate Martial arts (VIC) defeat Nicki Hodkinson – KenshinKan (QLD). Female heavy weight finals saw Haley Graham – Kokoro Kai Goju (ACT) defeat Jennifer Sievers - GKR (VIC).  In the men’s finals light weight saw Richard Marlin – Success M/A (QLD) defeat Jason Kings – Brisbane Kung Fu (QLD). Male welter weight saw Martyn Allwood – Border Karate Wodonga (VIC) defeat Dann Luker - Renbukan (QLD). Male middle weight saw Joshua Wiltshire – RMAA Shotokan (QLD) defeat Damien Prins – RMAA Shotokan (QLD). Male heavy weight saw Mark Stone – RMAA Shotokan (QLD) defeat Bevan Bell – Seishin Ryu Karate (QLD)

Who would be crowned 2018 champion of champion?

The scene was set for an exciting final who would be crowned 2018 female and male champion of champion.  It began with some fantastic music leading up to the introduction of the finalists, in they came one by one to the applause of all attending, the atmosphere was electric.  The President Mr. James Casey bowed in all finalists and wished them all the best. Beginning with female divisions, light weight competitor Voephong Roczniak (VIC) defeated welter weight competitor Barbara Wood (QLD).  Middle weight competitor Brooke Busuttil (VIC) defeated heavy weight competitor Haley Graham (ACT).  Male divisions results beginning with light weight competitor Richard Marlin (QLD) defeating welter weight competitor Martin Allwood (VIC).  Middle weight competitor Joshua Wiltshire taking on and defeating team mate heavy weight competitor Mark Stone (QLD)

Grand Champion of Champion final:

Female champion of champion final saw Victorian competitors Brooke Busuttil came up against her much lighter opponent Voephong Roczniak.  Throughout the match they would test each other cautiously to find an opening.  The match progressed, both girls found their mark scoring point for point; Voephong’s lightning fast hands gave her the lead towards the end of the match and victory.   

Male champion of champion final had young guns (QLD) Joshua Wiltshire middle weight competitor came up against (VIC) Martyn Allwood.  This match had everything, aggression and explosive techniques which had all attending on the edge of their seats.  Martyn’s strategy going into the match was to try to unsettle his opponent and take an early lead with his explosive front kicks and reverse punches.  Joshua being the smaller opponent used his lighting speed with quick hand and spinning kicks to his advantage.  Both fighters where cautioned by the referee to control their contact, the match progressed Joshua again found his mark executing lightning fast hand combinations to take the match.

2018 Presidents Cup, champion state;

Everyone stayed back to see who would win the Presidents cup.  Points are accumulated over the weekend from placings of each competitor, points are tallied, and percentages are calculated to adjust to smaller States attendance.  Queensland was crowned champion state for 2018 and bragging rights for the next 12 months. 

There ends another great year of NAS competition.  To all those who travelled from all parts of Australia attending these Nationals we truly thank you.  To our State Directors Mrs Alexsandra Nitis, Mr. Vince Busutill and Mr. Glen Gibbons for a year of dedication to the NAS within your state.  To the Chief arbitrators for the weekend, Mr Malcolm Ayles, Mr Ian (Aussie) Pape, Mr Ettore Senatore and all members of the ARB, Table Officials, staff and helpers attending this weekend’s championships, thank you all so very much for your dedication and support. To Kristy Heitman and her first aid staff for the care given to both Competitors and spectators a heart-felt thanks,

We look forward to seeing everybody in 2019


Yours in martial arts




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